Monitor investment growth

E-Info Solution

Growing your investment starts from managing your investment.

E-Info Solution

Growing your investment starts from
managing your investment.

Wherever you are or whenever you want, PSS will provide you your account information electronically with a hassle-free medium, the Internet. By means of E-Info, the daily account information from near-time posted transactions provides you with an up-to-date liquidity overview.

What are the advantages of E-Info?

  • The most up-to-date account information for daily management can be called up via remote data transmission instantly.
  • Immediate processing capabilities in financial bookkeeping for fast and error-free accounting.
  • On-time automatic adjustment of all turnovers with debtor/creditor accounting.
  • Automatic adjustment of open positions in financial bookkeeping through the separate compilation of credits and debits.
  • Up-to-date overview of international financial transactions from all your accounts, including foreign accounts.

It is very crucial for clients to know how to grow their investment. However, people often overlook the importance of monitoring investment growth and hence, most investors fail to manage their investments.

With PSS E-Info, you can effectively track your financial growth while reviewing different investment options. As all the agreements and investment engagements, as well as the capital profits and losses, are updated in real time, there is no need for you to organize your own investment portfolio.


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