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Trade Documentation

We help you manage risks on product delivery and payment schedules.


In foreign trade, importers focus their attention primarily on the timely delivery of the agreed upon quantity and quality, whereas, for exporters, assuring on-schedule payments in the agreed currencies is the first priority.

Collection Documentation

It refers to the collection of receivables through a bank with documentation. Both essential types of collection documents distinguish between the completion of the documents against payment or against the acceptance of an exchange. Payment processing by means of collection documentation requires that there be no doubt about the contract partner’s willingness to pay and the ability to deliver. Advantages of collection documentation are

  • Simple and inexpensive handling compared to the letters of credit
  • More flexible in allowing the exporter and importer to vary terms between themselves
  • Faster receipt of payment than open account terms
  • Equal risk for business partners

Letter of Credit Documentation

It consists of the contractual obligation of a bank with a mandate to provide a specified monetary payment after a customer provides proof of the submission of specific documents and the satisfaction of certain conditions. This obligation is abstract because exceptions to the underlying transaction are not possible. Letters of credit have both a security/payment and financing function. Depending on the scope, you basically decide on:

  • Revocable letters of credit – can be altered or cancelled at any time by the initiating bank even without informing the beneficiary, and thus provide no security for the exporter.
  • Irrevocable letters of credit – establish a firm commitment on the part of the initiating bank and can be neither changed nor cancelled without the consent of the initiating bank, the possible accepting bank and the beneficiary.
  • Irrevocable, confirmed letters of credit – aside from the commitment of the initiating bank, such letters also establish a separate payment commitment for the accepting bank.


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