Meet Our CEO

“…a permanent innovator, an eternal innovator who opens up a new path to finance.”

Dear clients and PSS employees,

It has been over two decades since PSS started providing investment related services.

It was a joyful and unforgettable day.

PSS is now a leading company in the Panama capital market. PSS’s innovations were unfamiliar at first, then recognized, and eventually became common sense. It was PSS’s impossible imagination, but now it’s the way of reality recognized by society.

Now in our 3rd decade, we are taking on new challenges, as we have always done. PSS clients can easily buy and sell not only forex but also stocks and ETFs globally. A large-scale project will be launched to support venture start-ups. Investment in renewable energy and in tourism infrastructure in Panama City will also be promoted.

We must have faith that investment can change the future. We must be committed to contributing to the future of our clients. That is how PSS practices client alliances.

I think companies that nurture people and give opportunities are good companies. We’re not a closed organization with opportunities for a small number of people, but a company that gives them the opportunity to expand their skills. Therefore, we’re going to create a company where employees are accomplished and proud. It is one of PSS’s important responsibilities to create a competitive governance structure beyond private ownership and to create an organization with the wildness of investing in which professionals implement their dreams.

With the mind of the first commute, we will start again from now on. PSS still has too much thirst in the global market. We dream of creating wealth in Panamanian society and allowing young people to explore the world market. I’ll walk around without selling a single glance. Watch with faith and encouragement as our employees contribute to clients and society through their investments.

PSS is a permanent innovator, an eternal innovator who opens up a new path to finance. We will lay the groundwork for global PSS so that future generations can grow in the global market.

Thank you.

Christopher Achleitner
Chief Executive Officer


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