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Treasury Center

From liquidity management of your planned expenses to extensive asset reporting.

PSS Treasury center includes the following modules.

Information Management

The treasury center module delivers to you all the general information you need for efficient financial planning, that including your daily transaction statements and your planning data. Market data, including currency and interest rate positions, are prepared daily so that exchange rate and price sensitive positions will always be evaluated on an actual basis.

Planning and Analysis Tools

The treasury center module is equipped with extensive planning and analysis instruments to generate a value date-oriented daily financial report and an exact-day liquidation planning. Investments are automatically updated with interest rates and currency exchange rates.

Liquidity Management Solution

The treasury center module supplies you with work tables based on your consolidated statements as a key tool to manage and control of your liquidity. The account information will be prepared according to value dates along with your specific plan data, providing you with a complete overview of your current and future liquidity status.

Interest Management

The treasury center module allows you to evaluate your interest and foreign currency business according to your specific criteria. An overview of maturities at a specified point in time is also possible.

Loan Management

The treasury center module also provides management possibilities for borrowings and investments. The resulting flow of funds is taken into an account during the planning and reviewing of your payment schedule.

Cash Pooling

The treasury center module assists you to configure your account internal interest calculation more efficiently. Internal interest receivables, which arise as a result of automatic cash pooling of an account, can be promptly and accurately calculated and evaluated.

Internal Interest Calculation

The treasury center module helps you pool the balance of all your accounts and determine the corresponding pooling parameter for each account. You will automatically receive a pooling recommendation based on this pooling parameter – which, of course, you can amend – and the corresponding payment orders for your banks.


The treasury center module generates individual reports covering all relevant account activities, along with standard evaluations. This sensitive internal information can be coded and made available worldwide to all authorized recipients within the treasury center.


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