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Traditional Finance

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Credits and Loans

PSS accords loans in all maturities from overdraft facilities and short-term fixed-rate credit to medium- or long-term development loans. PSS also caters to investment projects as they offer amortization loans with fixed repayment rates, annuity loans with low initial payments or bullet loans with credit maturities of a maximum 30 years and fixed interest rates for up to 10 years.


Guarantee or surety is a common finance instrument wherein someone would assume the responsibility for the debt obligation in cases of default. For this situation, PSS can provide guarantees in the form of contract fulfillments, tender bonds, advance guarantees or performance bonds in both domestic and foreign form.

Fixed Interest

During volatile markets characterized by rapid changes of interest structures, PSS can provide you with fixed rate protection through fixed-rate agreements or by the use of interest rate derivatives such as caps and swaps, among others.

PSS offers traditional trade finance products, including the issuance of letters of credit and lines of credit for open account trade finance in addition to the issuance of contract guarantees and performance bonds.


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