Mission and Value

Create and maintain a work culture centered around ethics, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction.

Mission and Value

Offering the most transparent and reliable
financial service to all our clients.

We at PSS believe that in order to best serve our customers in every business aspect, our employees also need to be placed in the best environment for them to flourish. Therefore, we promise to create and maintain a work culture centered around ethics, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction.

PSS adapts the following three rules to accomplish its mission:

PSS is a client-centric organization.

PSS focuses on understanding what our clients need. PSS is also dedicated to delivering more than the value that our clients expect from us. We consistently transform the way we operate our business to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. PSS is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our diversified clienteles and partners by amplifying trust and confidence based on our corporate values.


PSS invests in extraordinary people.

PSS focuses enormous energy on developing its people while encouraging them to be the driving force behind their own growth. By leading their own development journeys, our colleagues maximize the learning opportunities that are most relevant to their needs. In addition, PSS continuously enhances performance through immediate and direct feedback at an individual, team and organizational level.


PSS recognizes its social responsibility.

PSS provides financial and material support to various community initiatives. We also encourage our employees to participate in charitable activities. We believe that value is created and maximized when we meet the needs of shareholders, customers, employees, and the communities where we live and work. PSS considers that corporate responsibility towards its stakeholders, the environment and society is a key factor to determine our long-term success.


Investment Brokerage

Focuses on asset management, product development, and investment consulting.


Investing and Financing

Focuses on corporate financing, capital lending, and securities financing.


Securities and Trading

Focuses on online trading, market research, and prime brokerage.


Interest and Currency

Get the best value in the foreign exchange market.



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