Long-Term Investment Program

Maximize the benefits of multiple term deposits simultaneously.

Wealth Creation

Hold cash deposits for over 10 years with our
interesting long-term investment options

At PSS, our financial advisors will recommend you investment solutions incorporating both high interest savings accounts and fixed term deposits into a long-term investment portfolio. This is especially beneficial when the laddering strategy is used to maximize the benefits of multiple term deposits simultaneously. The high-interest savings account would serve as a funding base for various fixed term deposits that would mature gradually, providing you with ongoing returns and constant access to the latest and greatest account terms.


To meet your long-term financial objectives, investing is a must, and, fortunately, you have plenty of investment choices for long-term wealth creation. However, you must be aware that most investments come with some risk attached, although the level may differ. But it is also true that revenue that is risky also has the potential to deliver better returns. For example, growth funds, which are equity-oriented funds, generally offer higher returns than other investments. So, based on your needs and risk appetite, choose a solution which will best suit your requirements.

One of the most important aspects of investing over the longer term is resisting the temptation to make changes to your investment as a reaction to short-term market shifts. For investors that are looking for constant and secure returns on their investment, PSS accords fixed-income securities for long-term periods.


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