Short-Term Investment Program

Debt Instruments / Mutual Funds / Fixed Maturity Plans / Equities / Derivatives / Commodities

Money Market Funds

Suitable for investors with a conservative risk
profile and liquidity requirements

By means of the money market fund, clients may limit the possible losses from credit, market, and liquidity risks. PSS’s short-term investment program seeks to achieve liquidity and stable income derived from a diversified portfolio of primarily short-term fixed income instruments.

Have an appetite for risk and ready for some quick investments? With rising interest rates, investors with surplus money have a plethora of opportunities to invest for short periods.

Investment Span Types of Products
Debt Instruments
  • The return of capital is certain, making them a good option to invest in.
  • It is for low risk investors wherein one can always avoid the volatility in the market and park money.
  • It provides up to 10.5 percent returns before tax deduction.
Mutual Funds
  • It has an investment horizon of more than a year with few exceptions while some has a maturity of one day to three months.
  • Its entry and exit loads act as barriers.
  • It has an annualized return of 8-10 percent.
Fixed Maturity Plans
  • It has a dividend distribution tax that is applicable.
  • It is commonly comprised of close-ended products.
Equities / Derivatives / Commodities
  • It is for high-risk investors with financial expertise, who will be able to earn handsome returns in a short time.
  • derivatives and commodity trading have also become features of short-term investments as deals can be squared soon.

All the above options are on the table keeping in mind a short investment cycle (6 months-1 year). Do not forget that the majority of short-term investments like equities have short-term capital gains tax associated with them.


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