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Trade Financing

We help you choose the right financing instruments and protect against possible risks.

Trade Financing

We help you choose the right financing
instruments and protect against possible risks.

With regard to export contracts, the exporter’s financing following shipment often plays an important role not only by ensuring the exporter’s liquidity until delivery of the goods and receipt of payment, but also in ensuring the exporter’s competitiveness in the bidding stage by being able to offer competitive credit terms.

To ensure timely solutions, financing should therefore be discussed with us at an early stage, and important issues should be solved as early as possible in the bidding phase. This requisite is placed in order to secure an optimum starting point for the procurement of orders.

What Private Scandinavian Sparkasse offers you is information in. Further, PSS will support you with tailor-made solutions. In addition to the structuring and handling of traditional medium-term and long-term export financing transactions, PSS’s portfolio ranges from instruments for short-term trade financing and forfeiting to structured finance and multi-source financing, i.e. the creation of financing packages from several countries depending on your preferred delivery and service structure.


By taking advantage of trade financing, the exporter has the advantage of saving his own credit lines, and thus keeping financing leeway for his own investments. Furthermore, the credit assessment of the buyer’s side, which is often a hard task, is transferred to the financing bank.

  • Revocable letters of credit – can be altered or cancelled at any time by the initiating bank even without informing the beneficiary, and thus provide no security for the exporter.
  • Irrevocable letters of credit – establish a firm commitment on the part of the initiating bank and can be neither changed nor cancelled without the consent of the initiating bank, the possible accepting bank and the beneficiary.
  • Irrevocable, confirmed letters of credit – aside from the commitment of the initiating bank, such letters also establish a separate payment commitment for the accepting bank.


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